Tuesday, February 16, 2010

YA author friend places in two contests!

The first year I discovered RWA, I decided to attend the national convention. Atlanta was close enough to drive from here and I was desperate to be around like minds. So desperate in fact, I was willing to drive the ten hours and venture into an unknown world alone. (As it turned out a friend made the trip with me for fun but I would have done this even if I had to do it alone.)

The first person I met at Nationals,while standing in line, was a newby too, young adult author, Laurel Wanrow. We hit it off right from the start and shared information whenever we bumped into each other during the three day conference. Through the years we occassionally critiqued each others' work (BTW- she only did my romantic suspense manuscripts, not my erotic ones).

Now I'm proud to say, two of Laurel's wonderful tales have been recognized in contests over the last two months. Wild Flowers and Winged Boys took first place  in the Northwest Houston RWA - Lone Star Writing Competition and Seaside Sorcery placed third in the Indianna RWA Golden Opportunity contest.

I'm anxiously waiting for the day these stories are available to the public as books. Her characters are endearing and the concept is truly unique. These fantasy stories are wonderful. Until I can get them in print, I wanted to congratulate Laurel on this wonderful accomplishment. I'm cheering from the sidelines!

~~ Eliza March


  1. Thanks, Eliza! I'm embarrassed and pleased to see my name in someone else's blog. Let's hope we both have that happen more in our futures!

    Your group has a sharp looking page. Love the cute guy you picked for today's post. He's almost a look-alike of Ty from Seaside Sorcery, but silver eyes aren't common IRL.

    Thanks again, Laurel

  2. But can he sprout wings like Ty?
    Your characters are so clever, where did you get your ideas for them?

  3. I've always wanted to be able to sprout wings and fly. I'd read a book as tween about a boy who did this and a few years ago I found the book again. (Should tell that story in my blog. ;) ) It's Black and Blue Magic by Zilpha Keatley Snyder. The Egypt Game is her best known book.

    In my YA fantasy romances, I combine flying via large feathered wings with the characters' protecting their hidden enclaves so they continue to have a place to live and fly. Because they care for the plants and animals in their natural habitats, their adventures in the wild echo my love of nature and career as a naturalist.

    Except maybe the talking to animals parts. That's magic. And so is the romance, of course.

  4. That's an interesting premise,and I've always wanted to fly. I want to be a winged fairy with magical abilities. Maybe I'll go write myself into a book...

    Ah, the advantage of being a writer!

    I wish you continued good luck, Laurel!


  5. Exciting - congratulations, Laurel!