Monday, June 27, 2011

Guest Blog tour for Deadly Revenge

Last week was so exciting for me. Not only did I have a new book release, Deadly Revenge, but I did something new, for me anyway. I did a small blog tour Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday with some great bloggers all over the world to promote the second book in the series of 'Deadly' which deals with human trafficking.

First, on Tuesday, release day for Deadly Revenge, I visited with Jillian Chantal at It was a great visit with comments from other Siren pubbed and unpubbed authors. I also had a contest to give away a copy of my new release. I put the names of each commenter on a small piece of paper and put them all in a hat. Yes a real hat. Then I had my husband draw one of them and the lucky winner is Ciara Knight. Congratulations Ciara and enjoy.

On Wednesday, I visited with Jocelyn Modo at and once again had great comments and chatted with authors and readers. The interview she prepared for me was very interesting and a few commenter's that knew me learned a few new tidbits about me. I met and made so many new friends.

Then on Thursday, I guest blogged with Margaret West from England at A psychic from England, Margaret had a great interview prepared for me and it was lots of fun. I think, according to the comments anyway, it opened both our readers to another realm all together. Human trafficking is a world-wide epidemic not just third world countries and effects all of us everywhere.

I'd like to thank Jillian, Jocelyn and Margaret for having me and introducing me to the blogging world. I had so much fun I'm doing it again on Tuesday, June 28th with Dawn Roberto from Dawn's Book Nook at I'll also be guest blogging again July 6 with Liz Velez and then on Bonnie's blog July 15th. Hope to hear from you all soon.