Sunday, February 7, 2010

Celebrate - Seven Days of Valentines

Come celebrate Seven Days of Valentines with us on the SirenBookstrand Readers Group.
Please join the authors of Siren-BookStrand Publishing and share your funny, romantic, embarrassing and disastrous Valentine's stories this week.

Starting Sunday 7th February, loads of Siren Bookstrand authors will be dropping in to share their own Valentine's experiences and offer heaps of competitions and prizes.*

Here are list of authors and the genres:

Sunday 7th is Contemporary day with authors Barbra Novac, Jan Bowles,
Karenna Colcroft, & Sandy James

Monday 8th Romantic Suspense day authors visiting are Jane Leopold Quinn, Lavada Dee, Regan Taylor, & Laurie Ryan

Tuesday 9th don't miss Futuristic/Sci-fi day authors Jenika Snow, Julia Rachel Barrett, Raina James, & Scarlet Hyacinth

Wednesday 10th Fantasy/Paranormal day features Savanna Kougar, Kara Wills, Missy Martine, & Cassandra Pierce

Thursday 11th is Menage/GBLT day with authors J Rose Allister, Rachel Clark, Eliza March, Lesli Richardson, & Corinne Davies

Friday 12th Western/Historical day join Barbara Starmer, Lindsay Townsend, & Sandy Sullivan

On Saturday 13th join us, we'll be "talking about romance" in a wild free-for-all.

:-) Eliza

*maximum prize wins of 1 ebook and $5.00 Strandbucks per entrant for Seven Days of Valentines competitions applies.


  1. Sounds like a whole lotta of romance and fun!

    Faith V. Smith

  2. OH my, can I have your cover boy? Ohhhhh (fanning myself here!) Here's to a fun week!

  3. Nice eyes! Makes ya wanna just melt into them.