Saturday, October 2, 2010

Sultry Santorini Sunsets & Romance

It was this time of year when I traveled to Santorini. The season was over and the tourists were gone, all except us. I don't think I can ever think of that place filled with college students and northern Europeans seeking the sun, since I rather enjoyed owning the place to ourselves, exploring uninterrupted. Fall, cool, windy, beautiful in its stark barren slopes, and empty streets, the romance of Santorini doesn't end with the tourist season or the summer sun -- it is something you find there all year long in the rising or setting sun, the cerulean blue sea, the steam venting from the volcanic cone, the mystery of the origins of the island.

It's not hard to believe  six warrior gods once gave up everything to save this place or that one woman could be their salvation.

Eliza March
Sultry Santorini Sunsets

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